Shooting Games

Tom Clancy's Shootout

Enter the most intense Training Ground! Show your mastery of weapons by shooting targets with reflex and precision. Shoot the drones before other players to unlock better weapons. Select an elite operator and get the world's best score!

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Surviv IO

One of the most popular Battle Royale games of all time! Join a community of players in a 2-D Battle Royale that packs an intense punch. No lobbies, no long waits, no lengthy drop sequences. Fight fast and dirty in an ever-evolving set of locations. Survive... and win!

CS Online

Battle against other players online in this FPS game.

1v1 Online

Fight to survive in this epic multiplayer Battle Royale construction war where only the last player standing still wins and achieves the great and coveted master victory.


Fast-paced multiplayer robot battle game. Challenge players around the world and enjoy juicy 3D destruction!

Venge is an online multiplayer shooter where you battle against other real players in the battle arena. Find all the glowing green spots on the map to claim those territories and complete objectives. Choose from several weapons including Scar, Shotgun, Tec-9 and Sniper rifle!

EVIO is a multiplayer FPS game set in a futuristic arena. The game features tactical level designs similar to Halo, Destiny, and Quake. Battle against other players in Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, or Last Team Standing modes.

War Brokers

War Brokers is a fast paced, first person, 3D shooter focused on fun and tactical choices. Players start on an equal footing with access to all weapons and vehicles. A player's skill and tactical choices will win the day.

Special Ops Strike

You are special forces soldier and your mission is to eliminate incoming enemy forces and try to survive each wave in order to unlock more powerful weapons.

Battle Dudes is a real multiplayer 2d shooter game with a fully destructible map. Fight other teams and players for the victory! The game has multiple distinct maps and game modes for you to choose from. You have over 20 different weapons that can unlock by playing and gaining XP points.