Strategy Games

Crazy Tycoon

Earn income, expand the scale of the plaza, and become a commercial tycoon!

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Worlds Builder

Command the powerful forces of nature to bring the world of your vision into life! Create earth and divide it from water, erect mountains and fire up volcanoes, spread boundless sands, lush forests and golden fields all over your land. Raise a mighty civilization and lead it from ancient times into the space era. Nature, technology and society all bend to your will... Explore, trade, procreate!

Idle Farming Business

In Idle Farming Business, now you can run your own farm! Buy new land plots, plant crops, harvest and sell them for a profit. Upgrade crops to increase productivity. Trigger boosts such as Sunshine and Rain, to multiply your output. Unlock new land plots each with unique crops. Line up investors to purchase your farm!

Minimal Dungeon RPG

Minimal Dungeon RPG is an innovative RPG that is based on the classic one. Multiple rooms are connected into dungeons. Tasks, monsters, and rewards are all simplified into squares in the rooms. You can just click on the squares to play and crawl through the dungeons. A fan of dungeon crawlers will not want to miss the game! A rich and immersive storyline runs throughout the whole game. It’s quite simple, easy and fun!

Knights and Brides

Either as a mighty knight or as an elegant princess, write your own adventure in this world of fantasy!

Just Farm

Buy, grow, trade sheep, sell wool, collect chicken eggs and create the pastures of your dreams!

Suspicious Death

Detectives have arrived at the house of the deceased police officer. They suspect that this case was poorly handled and that the cause of death was wrong. It’s time to put on our gloves and start investigating. Find evidence that will lead them to the truth behind this mysterious case.

Hidden Emeralds

Help this explorer find precious emeralds in an abandoned mine.

Valley of Mummies

Three archaeologists discovered the forgotten mummy close to a shrine on the Nile river. The tomb hides lots of precious artifacts and secrets connected to the Egyptian empire. Each archaeologists has been tasked to find certain objects and they need your help.

Oil Tycoon 2

Manage your oil wells and earn profits! Start from nothing and expand your empire to become an oil tycoon. Distribute oil to different countries and become rich!